Georgia Big Sticks Q&A: Todd Goade

Todd Goade: “I don’t consider myself a professional angler” He might not think so, but there are a lot of other angler’s around who would strongly disagree. Meet Suwanee’s Todd Goade, one of the long-time big sticks on Lake Lanier and BFL’s Savannah River Division (Todd finished 6th in February’s initial kick-off on Keowee, a lake that’s similar to Lanier […]

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Brad’s Finger (Warning: Explicit Photos)

Milledgeville Angler Survives Nearly Tragic Accident Brad Stalnaker: “God was watching over me”   Can you imagine waking up in a motel room and think your alarm is going off and when you reach to turn it off you instead fire a .40 caliber hollow point into your hand? That unforgettable wake-up call happened to Georgia Big Stick Brad Stalnaker.  He was […]

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